Meemit Discordista arkistoon Apache HTTP -palvelimen tiedostolistaukseen.

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kaatis 🥳

a meme archive service that takes submissions from Discord


Liven up your community!

  • Host a Discord bot that monitors the meme channel of your guild. 🤖💥

  • The Discord bot is multilingual, speaking both English and Finnish. 📡🌏

  • Memes sent to your meme channel are saved to disk. 🗃️✅

  • The names of the saved files are intelligently deducted from message content or left as-is. The names are also automatically sanitized and truncated. 🥶🤤

  • Archived memes can be viewed from a minimalist Apache file listing. How dank! 🚀🙌


Prerequisites: Docker, modern Node runtime

  1. Install the dependencies of the bot: npm install.

  2. Rename .example.env to .env and fill in the fields. You can set the language of the bot by setting the environment variable LANGUAGE to either english or finnish. Upload directory (UPLOAD_DIR) and htaccess path (HTACCESS_PATH) are also configurable.

  3. Run the bot and the Apache web server in different Docker containers: docker compose -f docker-compose.yml up.