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This repository contains the code for the frontend of Testaustime. It is a time-tracking application for tracking time spent on coding. Currently we have editor extensions for Visual Studio Code, Neovim, IntelliJ and Micro.


First, install the necessary packages with npm install

To start the development server, run npm run dev. It will automatically refresh the page when you make changes to the code.

To run the tests, run npm test.


You can build the project by running npm run build, which will generate the projects files to the dist folder. To preview the production build, run npm run preview.


Thank you for considering contributing to this project! Please follow these guidelines when making a pull request:

  • Running npm run lint should not show any errors or warnings. This will be checked automatically when a pull request is created. In some cases, you can fix the the errors and warnings with npm run lint -- --fix
    • If you get the warning that your version of TypeScript is not supported by eslint (though it must then be newer than the latest supported version), this error can be ignored
  • All tests should pass. This is also checked automatically by GitHub.
  • The pull request should contain a good description, which explains the changes you have made, and why you made them.
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Read our contributing guidelines

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Discord Bot for Testaustime

Written by Antti (antti@antti.codes)