Abitikku on helpoin tapa luoda Abitti-tikku. Ei enää harmaita hiuksia lukiolaisille, vaan helppokäyttöinen yhden klikkauksen asennusohjelma.

Abitikku lataa uusimman virallisen Abitti-levykuvan ja asentaa sen tikullesi, vain yhdellä klikkauksella.

Ohjelman lähdekoodi pohjautuu Balena Etcheriin.

Projektisivun tehnyt arhippa11.

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Flash Abitti to USB drives, safely and easily.

Abitikku is a powerful Abitti flasher built with web technologies to ensure flashing a USB drive is a pleasant and safe experience. It protects you from accidentally writing to your hard-drives, ensures every byte of data was written correctly and much more.

Current Release License Testausserveri Discord


  • Multiple disk selection
  • One-click install
  • Version selector
  • Image verifying
  • Easy to use and beautiful UI

Supported Operating Systems

  • Linux (most distros)
  • macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) and later
  • Microsoft Windows 7 and later


Refer to the releases page for the latest pre-made binaries/installers for all supported operating systems.


Clone this repository with recursive submodules, and run make electron-develop. To start electron, run npm run start.

After changes, run npm run webpack to generate new code under generated/ directory.


If you're having any problem, please raise an issue on GitHub, and Testausserveri will be happy to help.


Abitikku is free software and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the license.